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Street Portrait (for and of Stefano), 2014– Street Portrait (for and of Stefano), 2014 –

Keen-eyed regulars here at TFIPM will recognise Stefano. Way back in September 2012, he posed for my tenth street portrait (you can see the post here). I often walk past Concrete Hair Salon, on Drury Lane, and occasionally I see Stefano outside on a break. I’m always tempted to say hello again, and today I did and it was really nice. Stefano was great about me taking a few shots; this was the first and is my favourite. And then we had a brief chat about the ubiquity of beards and the stylishness of George Skeggs. It was great to catch up. Thanks very much, Stefano! Hope you like your picture.

* * *


Street Portrait (for and of Adrian), 2013

Just opposite the National Portrait Gallery, and not long after taking James’ portrait (Street Portrait #128), I went into a bit of a daze, trying to decide where to go next. Adrian appeared and snapped me out of it. I loved his cap and jacket, and chanced asking him for a portrait. He was great about it – we had a brief chat, crossed the road to the pub, found an appropriately patterned window and three shots later: my favourite shot. It helped me decide where to go next too: home – I wasn’t going to get a better shot that afternoon. So, thanks very much, Adrian! Hope you like your picture.

* * *

Street Portrait (for and of Justin), 2013

It wasn’t just Justin’s cap and relaxed stylishness was what drew my attention to him. Look at that dog! This was the first shot I took of Justin, and the light was just right – I’ve used this alley as a background several times – it’s one of those places. Thanks very much for stopping and letting me take your portrait, Justin! Hope you like it. I’m really sorry, I forgot to ask your dog’s name very lax of me – apologies!

* * *


Street Portrait (for and of Bruno), 2013

Another cold day, so on the streets there was a lot of brisk walking, steam-breathing and hurriedly made plans. Bruno was crossing the road to Neal Street. I spotted him immediately and caught up with him outside a pub. Bruno was great about me taking his portrait. I took two shots and this is my favourite. Thanks very much for stopping, Bruno! And for the words of encouragement. Hope you like your picture.

* * *

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