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Untitled, 2016– Untitled, 2016 –

Just a quick post to say TFIPM is taking a break.

Not sure when I’ll be back but, in the meantime, Ashley Lily Scarlett and I are having a conversation in pictures called Between Scarlett and Guest. Please check it out.

David Cook and I recently discussed a Mark Wallinger exhibition. You can read the first post here.


No More Words, 2013

If You Can See Me, 2013

Tensions (I), 2012

Tensions (II), 2012

Jean Hélion painted Tensions in 1932. According to Jean-Luc Daval, Hélion was “the sole French exponent of geometric abstraction”. To me the painting looks like High Modernism, and wouldn’t look out of place in a Mies Van Der Rohe building.

Anyway, Wikipedia has this to say: “[His] work of the 1930s established him as a leading modernist. His mid-career rejection of abstraction was followed by nearly five decades as a figurative painter. He was also the author of several books and an extensive body of critical writing.”

You can buy a  hand-painted reproduction of  Jean Hélion’s Tensions here.

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This is the last of my posts with titles taken from Jean-Luc Daval’s History of Abstract Painting.

As usual, thanks to John Pindar and Deanne who set this whole titling thing in motion. And to my collaborator Richard over at CK Ponderings with whom I have completed nine collaborations. The latest can be seen a few posts back. Please check it out.