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Street Portrait (for and of Kenneth), 2012

I’d just dived into a doorway to avoid a sudden shower, when Kenneth walked past. What an incredible look! So, I legged it back out into the rain, and luckily Kenneth was up for some photographs. And he wanted to see the result, which is always very interesting for me. I’m really pleased you liked the shot small, Kenneth – hope the big version is as good!

Street Portrait (for and of Sara), 2012

Sara was walking along Wellington Street when I spotted her. So preoccupied was I that I walked past thinking “She would make a great street portrait.” It took me a little while (imagine turning a dreadnought around in a very small harbour), to leg it back after her and ask for a photograph. She was great about it and let me take a couple of shots. What an incredible outfit and a wonderful smile! Thanks, Sara! Hope you like your picture.


Street Portrait (for and of Captain Keane ‘O’), 2012

It was one of those days when nothing was really working for me photographically, when I bumped into Captain Keane ‘O’. The captain is a legend around Covent Garden. He’s a street performer and was instrumental in making the Piazza a centre for the outdoor performing arts. On street performers’ forums he is regarded with some awe. He helped to set up the Covent Garden Street Performers Association (there’s a link here). So, I’m honoured to have been able to capture him in his Inspector Gadget outfit. Thanks, Captain! Hope you like your picture!

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

This was taken in Covent Garden Market, London, UK. It was an opportunity to capture a static subject so I shamelessly took advantage of the caricaturist’s sitter.