This is the seventh collaboration between Richard from CK Ponderings and I and for this one the theme was Steam. There were no other restrictions…

The Invisible Enemy by Richard Cooper-Knight

Richard Cooper-Knight:

The Invisible Enemy

This week’s collaboration turned out to be an interesting one. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but after a couple of hours in a darkened room with a kettle that lights up when it’s boiling, I had to admit defeat. I took a different tack, and shut up in a warm and steamy bathroom I came up with some half-decent shots.

December1977 saw Tom Baker at the height of his Fourth Doctor powers and The Invisible Enemy on television. Accompanied by dad-friendly companion Leela, he battles an alien virus on one of Saturn’s planets. With a miniature Doctor clone injected into him to help fight the disease, he is helped, for the first time, by robot dog K9.

Perdido Street Station, 2012 by Richard Guest

Richard Guest:

As usual, I set the brief, then wondered why I’d made it so hard. Strangely, I did the reverse of what Richard did and wasted lots of time working in the bathroom. I’m not going to tell you how or where I took my image.

Perdido Street Station is China Miéville’s second novel. It was published in 2000 and is set in a world where magic (referred to in the book as ‘thaumaturgy’) and Victorian-era technology exist (in other words, this is a Steampunk novel). I’ve just started reading it, so despite it being utterly absorbing so far, I can’t recommend it yet. But maybe you don’t need that – the book regularly appears in best SF of all time polls.