The Entropy Tango, 2012

This was taken on Kingsway, London, UK.

The Entropy Tango  is a novel or a collection of five novellas by Michael Moorcock. It was published in 1981.

There’s a slight link to the post before last here. The Entropy Tango is one of four books that expanded on the world(s) of Jerry Cornelius – another that was published the year before was The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle, in which the Sex Pistols appeared as themselves and characters from the Cornelius novels.

Any road up, The Entropy Tango was originally planned as an LP-sized book with colour illustrations and an LP of the songs, which introduce each novella. But the money wasn’t available, so it became a paperback with B&W illustrations. The novel is told in a series of short sections which may not necessarily relate to the previous section, or indeed any other story. It’s another chaotic whirl of a book – stomping through history to make its points (and like catnip to the likes of me who love this stuff). I won’t try to summarize the plot.

Here’s the first paragraph and a bit:

“I still breed and buy a little, but I rarely, these days, kill.” Balancing a pink gin in his thin hand Major Nye settled into the light-blue plush and pulled a photograph from his top pocket. Behind him was a wide observation window. He turned to glance through the clouds at what could be Transcarpathia below. There were only four passengers in the airship’s lounge and two of them spoke no language known to him, so he was anxious to keep Mrs Persson nearby. As she approached, he said: “What do you make of this couple?”

It was too hot. Una Persson regretted her Aran turtleneck, and she tugged a little at the top so that her pearls clicked.

In our house, this book can be found: dining room, left-hand bookshelves, first shelf down.

* * *

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