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Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

These two were taken within three minutes of each other. The road was awash with reflected blue light from the tower block that dwarfed everything else around – it’s windows have a royal blue tint. The taint’s faintly visible in the first image, but it proved otherwise impossible to capture. I liked it – it was like an impromptu light installation – a street version of James Turrell.

Shutters, 2012

Rapt, 2012

On the corner of City Road, opposite the entrance to the police station, stood a wooden billboard. The day before, he was certain it had advertised British Gas. Today it read, “Morning Worms,” in foot-high, san serif capitals.

Golden Promises is the first track on Peter Hammill’s 1980 album, A Black Box. You can read more about the album at – it’s a massive and lovely resource jam-packed with lyrics, interviews, videos, and audio clips.