Movement, 2012

Henri Michaux’s Movement (1950) is a drawing in Indian ink on paper. His work is not figurative, but suggestive of figuration, consisting mainly of groups of single or multiple downward brushstrokes in a single colour on a plain ground. He experimented with drugs as a creative tool and is famous for his Mescaline drawings. No link to the actual drawing in my book, but you get an idea from this interesting article here.

* * *

I’m doing a few posts (and photographs), with titles taken from Jean-Luc Daval’s History of Abstract Painting (Art Data, 1989).

As usual, thanks to John Pindar and Deanne who set this whole titling thing in motion. And to my collaborator Richard over at CK Ponderings with whom I have completed eight collaborations. The latest can be seen on Richard’s blog.