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Street Portrait (for and of Sarah), 2015– Street Portrait (for and of Sarah), 2015 –

Sarah was minding her own business in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, when I walked up and asked for a portrait. I was immediately drawn to her – I loved the definiteness of her style. Sarah was great about me taking a few shots. This is the first and is my favourite. Thanks very much, Sarah! It was a pleasure to meet you. Hope you like your picture.

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Ashley Lily Scarlett and I have started a new blog together. It’s a conversation in pictures and it’s called Between Scarlett and Guest.

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SONY DSC– Street Portrait (for and of Ellie), 2014 –

I seem to be spending more and more of my time, just wandering about looking at people and things and not taking photographs. Stylish from head to toe, Ellie rescued my day, photographically speaking. This was the fourth shot and is my favourite. Thanks very much, Ellie! Hope you like your picture.

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If you are interested in self-portraits, I recommend you visit Strata of the Self. It’s beautiful.

Street Portrait (for and of Alex), 2014– Street Portrait (for and of Alex), 2014 –

Last weekend, on my way to the Beckenham library, I spotted Alex. He seemed to be connecting with an earlier era in Beckenham’s history – the late 70s (when Siouxsie and the Bromley Contingent frequented the Hong Kong Garden takeaway) – whilst looking completely of the moment. Anyway, he very kindly agreed to a couple of shots. This is the first and my favourite. Thanks for stopping, Alex! Hope you like your picture.

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If you are at all interested in self-portraits, I strongly recommend you visit Strata of the Self.

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Street Portrait (for and of Adrian), 2013

Just opposite the National Portrait Gallery, and not long after taking James’ portrait (Street Portrait #128), I went into a bit of a daze, trying to decide where to go next. Adrian appeared and snapped me out of it. I loved his cap and jacket, and chanced asking him for a portrait. He was great about it – we had a brief chat, crossed the road to the pub, found an appropriately patterned window and three shots later: my favourite shot. It helped me decide where to go next too: home – I wasn’t going to get a better shot that afternoon. So, thanks very much, Adrian! Hope you like your picture.

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Street Portrait (for and of Rick Wakeman), 2013

Well, I was on Great Queen Street just about to cross the road when I spotted a photo shoot going on outside the very grand front doors to the Freemason’s Hall. There under the glare of a studio light stood Rick Wakeman. So I waited until he had finished the shoot then legged it after him and asked for a shot. He was incredibly nice about it and said I could as long as it was only one, because his lunch was getting cold. Thanks very much, Rick! Hope you like your picture.

I’ve joked in the past about taking the same pictures over and over again. And I have photographed Rick before, but that was more of a sneaky, candid shot. You can see it here.

Rick Wakeman has had a stellar career in music and entertainment. He was the keyboard player in the best incarnation of the band Yes, he played piano on David Bowie’s Hunky Dory and has worked with Elton John, Cat Stevens, T. Rex and Black Sabbath to name a few. Before joining Yes, he was a member of The Strawbs. Rick Wakeman has produced in excess of 100 solo albums, and his album The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (1975) was performed on ice at Wembley Arena. You can read more about Rick here.

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OK, so I had a fortnight break from posting (thank you all for your wonderful comments! They are very much appreciated), and now I’ve caught a stinker of a cold, which has slowed everything down, so I’m probably not going to be around for at least another week (promise I’m not fishing for nice comments). See you in a bit…

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If you want to see all the street portraits to date in one place, go here: – it’s not at all up-to-date I’m afraid.

Street Portrait (for and of Al Pillay) #1, 2013

Street Portrait (for and of Al Pillay) #2, 2013

The first thing I noticed was Al’s jacket – a work of art, and then the way he crossed the street. And then I recognised him…

So I was thrilled when he said I could take a few shots. Al represents a moment in time for me. Trapped in the suburbs, he represented for me a rejection of the middle England orthodoxy of the mid to late Eighties. Some of the things he’s done (disco diva, theatre, cabaret, TV and movie star), have stayed with me as conscious/ subconscious touchstones – he embodies a certain kind of rebellion that’s both serious and hilarious.

Al chose the background for the shot, which I think clashes in just the right way with his pose and the jacket.

Thanks very much for letting me take your portrait, Al! Hope you like them.

You can visit Al’s website here. And here’s a snippet from Eat The Rich.

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If you want to see all the street portraits to date in one place, go here: – it’s not very up-to-date I’m afraid.

Double Street Portrait (for and of Asif and Laura), 2013

It was C O L D ! I made Asif and Laura pose for far too many photographs. They were brilliant and beautiful and did not complain. I think they look great – together and solo. A wonderful collision of styles! Thanks very much, Asif and Laura! Hope you like your pictures.

Asif, 2013

Laura, 2013

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Street Portrait (for and of Grant), 2013

It was his hat and the cut of his clothes that got my attention. I tailed Grant from a point on Lamb’s Conduit Street to somewhere near High Holborn. And he was great about me taking a few shots. This is my favourite, for his frank expression. Thanks very much, Grant! Hope you like your picture.

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If you want to see all the street portraits (nearly) to date in one place, go here:

Street Portrait (for and of Justin), 2012

Justin was stepping out of a door with a cigarette in his hand, when I asked him if I could take his picture. He has such a sharp and stylish look, and was every inch a city dweller. Justin wanted to know what the shots were for, and after I told him, approved a couple of them. I chose this one, because I like his expression. Thanks so much, Justin! Hope you like your picture.