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Richard from  and I have just completed our first collaboration of 2014. To see the results, please visit Richard’s quite superb blog, CK Ponderings.

Here’s a sneak preview of my image to whet your appetite…

Light, 2012

Light is M John Harrison’s eighth novel. It was published in 2002. According to Wikipedia:

“The book centres on the lives of three individuals — the physicist (and serial killer) Michael Kearney, on the verge of a breakthrough in theoretical physics sometime in 1999; Seria Mau Genlicher, the cybernetically-altered female pilot of a “K-ship”, and the ex-space pilot and adventurer Ed Chianese. Seria Mau and Ed’s stories take place in the year 2400 AD.

The lives of these three individuals are linked in many ways, though most tangibly by the presence of a mysterious creature called The Shrander, who appears in many guises to all three characters throughout the novel (with anagrammatic names of Sandra Shen and Dr. Haends). They are also linked by the Kefahuchi Tract, a space-time anomaly described as “a singularity without an event horizon”, an object of awe and wonder that has been the ruin of many civilisations attempting to decode its mysteries.”

It’s hard-going in places (unless you like reading about serial killers), but a really great read – it got me back into reading SF (although I think it belongs in a genre of its own). It’s the first of a trilogy – Nova Swing comes next (and is even stranger/ better in my opinion), and the new one Empty Space has just been published.

For more M. John Harrison: The Ambiente Hotel

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For the time being I’m  naming my posts and photographs after Science Fiction novels.

As always thanks to John Pindar and Deanne who set this whole titling thing in motion.

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

“What are we doing here?” said DI Quinnell.

“Keep watching the door,” said DS Donohue. They were sitting in Donohue’s car across the street from a cafe. It was  cold, even for November. They could so easily have wasted the morning at the station instead; it would have been warmer.

“There,” said Donohue, jabbing a gloved finger at the windscreen. A slightly-built bookie-type entered the café. “There’s your man.”

“He’s got nothing to do with the murder,” said Quinnell.

“Wait,” said Donohue. So they waited. The car’s ineffectual heater hummed. Two women pushed buggies past the car, followed by a small boy wearing an inside-out blazer. He swaggered over and pressed his face against the passenger window, until Quinnell flashed his badge. Then the boy ran off.

“That woman,” said Donohue, nodding at the café entrance…

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

Untitled digital photograph, 2012

These two were taken within three minutes of each other. The road was awash with reflected blue light from the tower block that dwarfed everything else around – it’s windows have a royal blue tint. The taint’s faintly visible in the first image, but it proved otherwise impossible to capture. I liked it – it was like an impromptu light installation – a street version of James Turrell.

Untitled digital photographs, 2012

These were all taken outside Charing Cross Station, London and were an attempt at a technique I saw used in a teach yourself photography book from the 1980s (published by the then high street store, Dixons).