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Mario Lautier Vella, 2017– Mario Lautier Vella, 2017 –

This was taken at Mario Lautier Vella‘s private view for his exhibition of paintings, drawings and collages, Homebodies, 7th July 2017. The exhibition’s brilliant and I strongly urge you to visit. Details below:

Mario Lautier Vella Exhibition Poster* * *

Ashley Lily Scarlett and I are engaged in a conversation in pictures and it’s called Between Scarlett and Guest. Check it out.

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Mario Lautier Vella, 2014– Mario Lautier Vella, 2014 –

Mario Lautier Vella is a cross-disciplinary artist based in London. Last Friday he commissioned me to take some photographs of him. Mario had a good idea of what he wanted to achieve. From time to time we stopped to discuss what we’d got, but he pretty much directed the shoot. It was a novel experience for me, and one I really enjoyed. We took about thirty shots and this is my favourite.

Mario will be performing ‘In Love’ at the latest art:language:location event in Cambridge in the Autumn. To get a taste of his work in the meantime, I strongly urge you to visit Mario’s website, where strange things are happening involving the Duchess of Cambridge.

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