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Street Portrait (for and of Rakia) #1, 2020

One of the great things about 2020 so far is I seem to have rekindled my interest in photographing people. An even greater thing is that I ran into Rakia yesterday.

We made 8-10 shots together around London Bridge and these are my favourites…

Street Portrait (for and of Rakia) #2, 2020

The photographs work as well in colour as they do in black and white. But I tend to favour the monochrome.

Street Portrait (for and of Rakia) #2 version 2, 2020

You can visit Rakia’s Instagram here: @rakiamoctar

Thanks very much Rakia!


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Street Portrait (for and of Min), 2012

Blame it on the weather if you like, (or the light for that matter) but I’m just not taking many shots at the moment. It’s getting harder to find people willing to stop for a portrait, so I was really pleased when I spotted Min. I thought his sense of style was so spot-on in every detail, that I’d have been really disappointed if he hadn’t let me take a few shots. They had to be taken quickly, because I was crouched down on a busy side-road. After we’d taken the shots, Min told me he was a model. Obvious really. Anyway, thanks very much, Min! Hope you like your picture.