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Two People In A Room, 2015– Two People In A Room, 2015 –

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TFIPM is taking a short break – it’s time to reassess the old routine. Plus, there’s a big pile of books in the corner of the room that won’t read itself. And there are four collaborations, (including Between Scarlett and Guest, a visual conversation with Ashley Lily Scarlett), to work on, so I’m busy as well. Excuses, excuses…

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Street Portrait (for and of Madeleine) #1, 2013

This is Madeleine as I first spotted her on Great Queens Street. The flash of orange amongst all the grey and brown, her hair, her stance! I dithered about whether to ask her for a portrait and in the process nearly missed my chance as she went into a doorway. Yes, I ran. And I’m really pleased she said yes. What great style! Thanks very much, Madeleine! Hope you like your picture.

Street Portrait (for and of Madeleine) #2, 2013

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If you want to see all the street portraits to date in one place, go here:

Untitled, 2012 by Richard Cooper-Knight

(fig. 1)

The Ladder, 2012 by Richard Guest

(fig. 2)

This is the third collaboration between me and Richard from CK Ponderings. On both previous occasions, what fascinated me was how well the images complemented each other. So, for this one I wondered if we could use the brief to deliberately steer the image-making so that there would be even greater cohesion. Richard explains the brief better than I could:

Richard Cooper-Knight

I’d found this the hardest template to stick to, purely because I didn’t know where to start. The title was Orange, and the brief was that it either had to be taken from more than 6ft above the ground, or as low to the ground as possible. I tried a variety of ideas, but none of them really worked out how I wanted them to.

Working through some of the images I’d taken over the last month or so, I found some of a building site close to home. An old school building was being torn down, and it was fairly easy to photograph, because it was on my way to work. When I looked at the photos, I could see that the diggers were… orange!

I wasn’t going to use old photographs, so I set out the following morning a few minutes earlier than normal, and stopped off at the school site. Making my way up on to a neighbouring footbridge gave me the perfect vantage point (which, handily, fitted in with my brief), and this is what I came up with.

Tweaked a little in Photoshop afterwards (a touch of contrast, a hint of brightness, and a 15% Gaussian Blur overlay), and this is the result (fig. 1).

Richard Guest

This (fig. 2) was my second attempt at this brief – the first, a picture of an orange bicycle wheel, was scuppered by Richard posting a very similar one in B&W on his blog a couple of days later. I emailed him to check whether the bike he took was orange too on the off-chance that our attempts to steer the collaboration had been incredibly successful. But sadly the bike wheel was not orange. So, anyway, back to the drawing board and two days later found me lying on my belly two doors down from my house, much to the amusement of the men working with the ladder. Second coincidence: The Ladder is the penultimate track of Prince’s Around The World In A Day album.

No tweaking from me – I didn’t even correct the colour cast, because I liked it.