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Swan Lake, 2014– Swan Lake, 2014 –


Stunning Limited Edition Super-Deluxe Box Set

Curated by…

  • Digitally remastered studio album
  • New 5.1 mixes
  • Nineteen demoes from…’s personal archive
  • …Live in 1972 from tapes once thought lost
  • 68-page hard-back book featuring 15,000 word essay
  • Rare and unseen photographs, lyrics and memorabilia
  • Facsimile 24″ x 36″ concert poster

Also available as a two-disc deluxe digipack, single CD, Blu-ray 5.1 pure audio, double vinyl and digital download versions


Shutters, 2012

Rapt, 2012

On the corner of City Road, opposite the entrance to the police station, stood a wooden billboard. The day before, he was certain it had advertised British Gas. Today it read, “Morning Worms,” in foot-high, san serif capitals.

Golden Promises is the first track on Peter Hammill’s 1980 album, A Black Box. You can read more about the album at – it’s a massive and lovely resource jam-packed with lyrics, interviews, videos, and audio clips.