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Buffalo Ballet, 2014– Buffalo Ballet, 2014 –


You Know More Than I Know, 2014– You Know More Than I Know, 2014 –



Double Street Portrait (for and of Zane and Robin), 2012

It was supposed to be sunny today, so I set out full of optimism, but pretty much as soon as I stepped out of the door there were spits of rain. Quietly cussing I did the rounds of some usual haunts, but nothing was working. And then I saw Zane and Robin, and was delighted when they agreed to a few shots. I think they’re just fabulous – separately they’re extremely stylish, but together what an incredible look. Anyway, thank you Zane and Robin for rescuing my afternoon! Hope you like your picture.

Untitled, 2012 by Richard Cooper-Knight

(fig. 1)

Untitled (for R. C-K), 2012

(fig. 2)

A while back I had a bit of a moan about how the weather was going to stop me taking photographs outdoors. Richard from CK Ponderings suggested we would have to just be inventive. This led to a dialogue and we ended up collaborating on this photographic project…Richard explains it better than me:

“As a result of the appallingly wet April, we found that we didn’t have the best of opportunities to get out and about to take photographs. So, we set ourselves the challenge instead of photographing indoors. The restrictions were that the image had to be based around shadows, and had to be taken inside.

Given that I’m not the best at low-light photography, I was up for this test, and set about trying to see what I could come up with. The vast majority of the results were conclusive – I am hopeless at trying to create that kind of image – the sun wasn’t shining long enough to get any shots by window and I didn’t have a torch that would create the sort of shadow that I was after. Eventually, after a bit of playing around, I used a torch with multiple-bulb, LED lights; this created not one clear shadow, but multiple ones. This worked well with one object – a plastic container – and, with a bit of tweaking in Photoshop Elements (a semi-opaque gradient fill), this is the result (see fig. 1). It’s not the best image I have ever produced, but it’s a start, and these blogs are all about learning and developing!”

For my response to the challenge, I decided not only to stick to the restrictions we had set ourselves, but to completely change my usual way of working (i.e. taking “natural” shots of stuff that’s happening around me) and stage something. I spent several days trying to conceptualise the piece and at one point considered creating a kind of shadow-casting monster out of my clothes. Yes, I was that desperate. I spent the following Sunday afternoon taking photographs of net curtains with interesting folds and the shadows of buildings showing through. With so-so, drab, melancholy results. I wasn’t enthused. Briefs are obviously not my strong point. So, disconsolate, I returned to work on Monday, got in the lift and found my shot a foot above my head (see fig. 2).

It amazes me that given all the possible approaches we could have taken, we ended up taking two photographs that compliment each other so well.