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Richard and I have just completed another collaboration. To see the results, please visit Richard’s quite superb blog, CK Ponderings.

Here’s a sneak preview of one of my images to whet your appetite…

Richard from CK Ponderings and I work completely independently on these collaborations. We have been doing this for some time now and in the past there have been strange coincidences where we’ve chosen the same thing to photograph or shots have complemented each other really well. This time…

Richard Cooper-Knight:

R C-K Falling Slowly

Falling Slowly, 2014

I admit to being a little flummoxed by Richard’s theme this time around. It was abstract enough that I could do something with it, but for a while I simply had no idea where to start. Then it struck me. The weather in the UK has been pretty awful this winter – not the biting cold and snows of January-March 2013, but constant, relentless storms and rain that have left many parts of the country under water and thousands of families facing weeks and months of waiting a) for the water to subside and b) for their homes to dry out before they stand any chance of moving back in again. The storms have battered the south and south western coasts for ages now, making daily headlines. Listening to one of these, I was drawn to the West Pier in Brighton. Closed due to safety reasons in the 1970s, its fate was sealed in 2003 when two fires (allegedly caused by ‘professional arsonists’ wanting to avoid competition from a neighbouring pier) demolished what remained of the pavilions. Since then annual storms have slowly but surely worn away at what remains and, piece by piece, the rusting skeleton is being devoured by the waves.

Richard Guest:

Falling Slowly, 2014

For this collaboration, I spent a week constructing a multi-frame photomontage of a street off Kingsway; then, in a fit of pique, I deleted the lot – it seemed too much like style over substance (and the file size was enormous). A couple of days later, I spotted these bananas and somehow, even though they didn’t really fit the theme, they worked much better.

 Oddly, even though they are of vastly different subjects, I think Richard and I have taken shots with very similar meanings…his shot, of course, is beautiful. 

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Richard Guest would also like to recommend you visit the blog Strata of the self. It’s ace!

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Richard from  and I have just completed our first collaboration of 2014. To see the results, please visit Richard’s quite superb blog, CK Ponderings.

Here’s a sneak preview of my image to whet your appetite…

– Alison, 2013 –

Since 5th May 2012 I have been walking up to strangers and asking them if I can take their photograph. I only photograph the stylish and the interesting and all of the people here are one or the other or both. Londoners (temporary or permanent) remain a really cool bunch. These shots were taken between July and December 2013.

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As always, I’ve included a few previously unseen portraits. For one reason or another they did not get posted at the time (it’s quite often to do with repetition) but, anyway, remedied now. This time, no one has been edited out.


Kitty, Nigel, Viveka and Alison (at the top of the post) deserve to be shown in full size, so here they are. They were lovely one and all and very patient while I tinkered with my camera. Viveka, I’m sorry I’ve forgotten your company’s name – drop it in the comments and I’ll update this text. Thanks for stopping, all of you.

– Kitty, 2013 –

– Nigel, 2013 –

– Viveka, 2013 –

If you want to find out a little more about these fine people, a quick search of TFIPM by the person’s name should bring up the original post.

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who has stopped and given me their time – it really is very much appreciated. It was a pleasure meeting you all. Hope you like your picture!


This post is dedicated to George Skeggs, my first street portraitee – without him there would have been no beginning…


There’s also a reason for celebration here – this is my 500th post. I never thought I’d get this far (and the blog has changed radically since that first post, two and a bit years ago). It’s been fun, which is mainly because of the people who visit and comment and click the like button (and to a certain cool collaborator, Richard – thank you my friend) – you all give me a big kick. Thank you!

All images © Richard Guest, 2013

Andy, 2013

Even caked in muck, Andy looked cool. Richard and I had been walking for a little while at this point – we were done with St. James’s Park and were headed in the direction of Mayfair. Andy and his two mates were on a break. He very kindly agreed to me taking a couple of shots. This was the third, and the only one of Andy not laughing. Thanks very much, Andy! Hope you like your picture.


The soundtrack yesterday was the ambient noise of the city and Richard and I talking.

Street Portrait (for and of Richard), 2013

Today, Richard and I met up in Central London for an afternoon of photography. Our wanderings took in bits of Covent Garden, Charing Cross Road, The Mall, St. James’ Park, Mayfair, Oxford Street and environs, The Photographers Gallery, some back streets round same, Soho, Piccadilly Circus etc and the North and South Banks of the Thames. I fear my legs will fall off. This shot was taken just outside The Royal Festival Hall. I really dig Richard’s new bearded look. Thanks very much for letting me take your portrait, Richard! And for being such a great photographic companion. Hope you like the picture.



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Richard and I have just completed our twenty-fifth collaboration. If you would like to see the results, please visit Richard’s superb blog, CK Ponderings.

Street Portrait (for and of Michael), 2013

This was taken round the corner from the Bank of England on the day Richard and I did our latest collaboration. Richard and I were chatting away, when I spotted Michael and legged it after him, round a corner and half-way down a street. I’m sure I heard Richard laugh. Anyway, Michael was really stylish and stood out from the crowd (who were mainly besuited) and luckily for me he agreed to a few shots. Thanks very much, Michael! Hope you like your picture.

* * *

One of the reasons I’ve posted this today is that Richard has just posted a series of photographs from our day out in the city. You can view them here – and amongst them there’s one of me taking this shot. And…here’s Richard…taken the same day at the Barbican.

Richard, 2013

If you want to see all the street portraits to date in one place, go here: – it’s not very up-to-date I’m afraid.