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Dying, 2015– Dying, 2015 –

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Ashley Lily Scarlett and I have started a new blog together. It’s a conversation in pictures and it’s called Between Scarlett and Guest

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All Of A Sudden, 2015– All Of A Sudden, 2015 –

Sign ‘O’ The Times (II), 2012

Sign ‘O’ The Times (III), 2012

Sign ‘O’ The Times (IV), 2012

Sign ‘O’ The Times (V), 2012

Sign ‘O’ The Times (VI), 2012

OK, so I think II and III were taken on Drury Lane, IV in Trafalgar Square, V looking down from the back of Somerset House, and VI at the South Bank Centre, London, UK.

This is the final day of my Prince related posts. Thanks to John Pindar for setting me on this course, and to Deanne for egging me on and cracking great jokes (see what I did there?). Next week’s posts and photographs will take their titles from David Bowie songs (thank you Cardinal Guzman and Seascapesaus). Future weeks will feature Zappa/ Mothers and The Smiths (thanks Stevie). I’m still open to suggestions for other recording artists to rip off, so please make some…

Sign ‘O’ The Times (I), 2012

This was taken somewhere on the edge of Covent Garden, London, UK.


Untitled digital photographs, 2012.

The close was almost exactly as she’d left it – neat suburban houses at the upper end of the property market – its pavements bathed in a soft sodium haze. A family car had been parked on a verge by the road directly under the street light, but apart from that there was no change. The close was still and lifeless as a stage set. It was when the stage-set beckoned her forward that she realised she was shaking. Ms Nobody had not eaten for at least eight hours. “I’m starving,” she said to the lamppost. “I’m ravenous,” she said to the street sign. Dunn Close it replied.