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Dead Precedents, 2017– Dead Precedents, 2017 –

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This is the full version of an image I posted as part of my conversation in pictures with Ashley Lily Scarlett on Between Scarlett and Guest.

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David Cook and I are reviewing each other’s record collections one disc at a time on a new blog called Zzzounds! David has just reviewed The Seer by Swans. I’m struggling with my latest review, but am hoping it will be finished soon. David’s review of Swans can be read here.


Richard from CK Ponderings and I decided to concentrate on one theme leading up to the end of 2013: the roads we live on. This time I suggested that we use the word Lines to inform our photographs. So, our third visit…

Richard Cooper-Knight:

IMG_9043On The Street Where You Live, 2013

The last in our triptych of On The Street… shots proved an interesting theme. Richard’s idea of stripping it back has given new impetus to my shots, and I am aware that I have almost been trying too hard with my photographs – and certainly those in collaboration with Mr Guest – meaning that they haven’t always turned out as I have wanted them to. I therefore kept it fairly simple from a photographic perspective – telegraph poles are as abundant in my road as they are in most people’s – and played around a bit more in post-production.

Richard Guest:

On The Street Where You Live IV, 2013

Familiarity has, I think, led me to stalking the road after dark; things seem much better defined under sodium lights. Sounds are sharper, scents more intense and there are fewer people about. And I have two of my favourite critics with me.

Richard from CK Ponderings and I met up recently and discussed changing the way we work together. We decided to concentrate on one theme for all our forthcoming collaborations for the remainder of the year. Richard suggested the roads that we live on as our subject. Mine’s a mile long. How could I resist?

Richard Cooper-Knight:

IMG_6840On The Street Where You Live, 2013

Richard’s idea of a long term project really intrigued me, because it allowed different aspects of the same theme to be explored. When he mentioned it, I’d had the song On The Street Where You Live going around in my head for a few days (no, I have no idea either!), and it seemed to fit the theme perfectly. Richard fancied keeping the first post simple, so this is the entrance to my road. It’s a quiet suburban street, with around 90 houses in it, ranging from terraced 3-bed properties to detached 6-bed ones. There are families and retired couples, people are friendly but not in your face. It’s not in the hub of town, but has easy access to shops, and a couple of decent pubs selling real ales. The sea and the South Downs are both within walking distance and all in all, it’s a nice place to live.

Richard Guest:

SONY DSCOn The Street Where You Live, 2013

Having enjoyed the simple approach Richard and I took to the last couple of collaborations, I suggested we start this one with a single shot based on the theme with no other restrictions or complications. My road is a mile or so long. There’s no way I can capture it in a single shot, so I opted for focusing on a detail. I pass this wall pretty much every morning and evening and I associate its pattern and texture with the road as a whole.