This is the twenty-eighth collaboration between Richard from CK Ponderings and I. It was my turn to set the theme and I wanted to build on the work we did for the previous collaboration. The initial photographs had to be taken in response to the phrase “rip it up” and emailed to the other Richard. The idea was then to work on the other’s photograph, but in a radical way  – using the original photograph as a beginning point/ building block for a new work and effect a total transformation.

Here are the original photographs:

Rip It Up, 2013 by Richard Cooper-Knight

Rip It Up, 2013 by Richard Guest

And here are the transformations:

Richard Cooper-Knight:

Guilty, 2013

I think I was out to impress this time around. I didn’t go as radical as I could have done last time around, so this time the gloves were off. Richard’s image proved an interesting one to work with, and his concept of ripping it up and starting again looked promising, although my limited experience of using Photoshop as a art tool meant I didn’t have the ability (or the time to experiment) as much as I wanted to.

The title comes from a word on the newspaper and, coincidentally, the fact that I have not long finished a period of jury service.

Richard Guest:

RCK RG Rip It UpThere are things in life one can’t quite express, 2013

Originally I had the idea of making 3D objects based on elements in Richard’s photograph and then re-photographing them. To find these elements, I isolated areas of colour in Photoshop, initially laying them out so that I could examine them. But the “sheet” soon became overcrowded and I found myself composing a picture and forgetting all about making objects.

The title of this collaboration is based on a song by the wonderful, and woefully under-appreciated Orange Juice. You can listen to Rip It Up here.