Utopia Parkway (I), 2012

Utopia Parkway (II), 2012

Utopia Parkway (III), 2012

These shots were taken at various locations in Central London, UK.

Utopia Parkway is a biography of the artist Joseph Cornell by Deborah Solomon. It was published in 1997. The title is also the name of the road Cornell lived on.

The book is a fascinating mixed bag – Solomon is meticulous in laying out the facts about Cornell’s life and working practices on the one hand and irritatingly speculative about the man’s psychological motivations on the other. I’d definitely read it again, because Cornell is such an interesting character and artist, who inhabited an historical intersection where Surrealism, Pop and Hollywood met (the actor Tony Curtis was an early, and avid, American collector and supporter of Cornell’s work). Get it in the Pimlico edition if you can – it’s very nicely designed.

And here’s the first paragraph:

Why does anyone grow up to be an artist? There are many different routes to the artistic life, but in most cases a person turns to art for an almost disappointingly logical reason: he realises in his youth that he possesses a talent for drawing. At some point he sits down with a pencil and a sheet of paper and discovers an ability to bring people and objects to life; he lays claim to a gift that sets him apart from other children.

In our house, the book can be found: sitting room, right-hand bookshelves, third shelf down.

This post is dedicated to Terry in trying times. Thanks for sending me to the bookshelf in search of ideas, Terry.

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