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Self-portrait with tree and woman, 2014– Self-portrait with tree and woman, 2014 –

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If you are at all interested in self-portraits, I strongly recommend you visit Strata of the Self.

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– Fragments of a rainy season, 2013 –

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Untitled (for Mobius), 2012

Untitled digital potograph, 2012

These were both taken in Central London, UK last week.

Instead of talking about a man and a woman, I’m going to tell you about something else.

According to John Pierson (in his 1995 book, Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes – A Guided Tour across a Decade of Independent American Cinema), Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmusch were at the 1984 Telluride Film Festival. And, apparently, there was a Stranger Than Paradise versus Paris, Texas softball game.

He writes: “I pitched for Wim’s team for old time’s sake and we prevailed with the help of a diving catch by Werner Herzog and lively cheerleading by festival tribute subject, Janet Leigh. Jeff Lipsky’s super competitiveness, which serves him well in distribution, struck out this time when he tagged  Ry Cooder’s nine-year-old son too hard at third base. Both sides booed.”

Quite a game.