Between 1988 and 1990, I produced a series of book works, juxtaposing (mostly) found text and images. Index and Interviews compiles all the text used in those books. Two interviews with prominent scientists (more of which later) conducted for Pant Magazine are also included.  Index and Interviews was published in an edition of 1 in 1990.

Texts were reproduced without their accompanying visuals.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the page on which the text was reproduced, I listed every instance of the text being used in the series. In this instance, the text appeared in the book Blood, Skin, Bone on the listed pages.

Texts were arranged alphabetically and preceeded by a page (like the one above) which listed the found images that had been used in the book works alongside the texts. But not in the order they were used – in alphabetical order.

No Bulbs is the third track on The Fall’s Call for Escape Route EP (1985). You can read all about The Fall at The Fall Online.